Bekasi – Class 23-19SP performed in Bees Are in The Park for The 24th Theatre Festival in The Amani Palladium Theatre, LSPR Transpark, Bekasi, on Monday, 27 January 2020. The students’ production was guided by Mrs. Karina Indah Septiani, Intro to Performing Arts Communication Lecturer, and Ms. Geta Gwyneth Satrio, Assistant Lecturer.

Bee’s In Are In The Park

Bees Are in The Park showed four different stories that occurred at the park. A stepdad named Billy accompanying his stepdaughter, Suzy, playing in the park. Because he rarely saw her, Billy really enjoyed spending time with her. He considered her as his own daughter. On the other hand, two teenage friends spending time together. Trixie is telling her best friend, Seymour, about her current boyfriend. Even though Seymour had another thought in mind. There’s also a mom accompanying her son, Albert, playing in the sandbox.

Saymour and Trixie

Colin and Mia

In the park that day, Seymour confesses his true feelings to Trixie. Trixie, who has a boyfriend, got mad. Seymour understands completely and decided to leave. But after he left, it turns out Trixie got really sad. There’s an old man, Collin, reminiscing his love journey with his wife in this park. His wife died a year ago. Trixie talks to Collin and pours out her heart to him. Collin gave her a piece of advice, and she immediately realizes what she has done. Trixie then called Seymour, asked him to meet her at the very same park. Trixie told him her true feelings, even though she’s scared it will ruin their friendship. But Seymour convinces her everything will be okay.

Suzy and Albert

Rachel and Billy

One time, Billy is with Suzy, who was playing in the sandbox. Albert is also there with his mom, Rachel. Albert has autism. He has problems talking to a stranger. He even refuses to speak to Suzy. Meanwhile, Rachel and Billy met, and they spoke and got to know more about each other. Billy convinced Rachel that Suzy is very friendly. Turns out, Suzy can make Albert talk to her. In the end, they finally become friends. 

Article by Dianka

Photo by Dianka