Bekasi – On February 3, 2020, Class 23-5SP Class presented their theatrical performance which was taken from the famous Sundanese folklore tale of Lutung Kasarung. Directed by Cut Ghaitsa Pratiwi, the show took place at The Amani Palladium Theater, Bekasi.

Purbararang and Purbasari

The combination of English and Sundanese used is what makes this show unique and bold; as this was the first performance in LSPR Theatre Festival to use a language other than English. The technique successfully carried out was the comedic effect, indicated by the audience’s enthusiastic reaction. This method was executed by the Dalang, Juan David.

Lutung Kasarung Theatre, The Combination of English and Sundanese

The story started with a conversation between Purbararang (Christabella), Purbasari, and their father, Prabu Tapa Agung (Brian Alfito), whom they called Abah. As Abah got older, he eventually had to to give up his throne to one of his daughters. Despite being the younger child, Purbasari was chosen to take over the kingdom.

When Abah give up his throne to one of his daughters

Purbararang was not happy to hear his decision, and found a way to get rid of Purbasari. She went to a witch, and put a curse on her sister, in exchange for Purbasari’s stolen hair accessory. The curse worked, Purbasari woke up with bad smelling wounds all over her body.

Purbararang went to a witch, and put a curse on her sister, Purbasari

When Abah found out about the disease, everyone assumed that Purbasari was cursed by the gods. She was then moved to the forest, accompanied by the king’s Advisor (Obey Marcelino), leaving Purbararang to take Abah’s throne.

Purbasari moved to the forest

In the forest, Purbasari met a monkey who could talk, Lutung Kasarung (Rivaldo Waas) and became friends with him. As the days passed, they got closer, and Lutung showed her the way to cancel the curse. She was so happy, and took him back to the kingdom with her.

Purbasari met a monkey (Lutung Kasarung) who could talk

There, they met Purbararang and her lover, Prince Indrajaya (Aufa Salman Syafi’i). She was surprised to see that Purbasari’s skin was clear and she was beautiful. Purbararang challenged Purbasari to sing as a condition to enter the kingdom.

Purbasari return to the kingdom

After they sang, Lutung Kasarung transformed into Prince Guruminda (Gerry Giovanny), and proposed to Purbasari, which she accepted. With the return of Purbasari to the kingdom, the throne was back to being hers. Seeing that Purbararang was no longer the queen of the palace, Prince Indrajaya left her

Article by Puella

Photo by Michael Siregar