Bekasi – On January 29, 2020, class 23-15SP presented the results of their efforts of 6 months, Sari Battang Theatre. The performance took place from 19.00 to 20.30 at The Amani Palladium Theater, Bekasi. This show is the story of a kingdom located on Celebes, Sulawesi. The kingdom was known to be very prosperous because it was led by kings and queens who also loved each other very much. But one day there was a disaster that befell the kingdom because a witch who had a grudge against the empire cursed them to a severe famine. The king decided to punish the witch for the curse of black magic.

A witch who had a grudge against the empire cursed them to a severe famine

Do not stop there, the curse befell the twin babies from the queen who will be born soon. The curse is that the twins who will be born will fall in love with each other. Receiving the curse, the king and queen finally decided that they would live in a different place, the queen with her daughter Karina and the king with his son, Zulkarnaen. In the course of her life, Karina was not allowed to go far away from home to avoid meeting her twin brother, but what was said, a curse was still a curse. They both met in unexpected ways and it was not anticipated by their parents until the curse occurred, they both fell in love.

The queen gave birth a twins, Karina and Zulkarnaen

As a result of this curse, the princess and the prince were forced to sacrifice themselves into the sea to free the kingdom from the curse of the witch, with a heavy heart the king and queen let their son and daughter die by sacrificing themselves for the survival of the kingdom.  This theatre production was well executed by 23-15 SP class under the guidance of Mrs. Patricia Vicky Sihombing. From the costume design to the property, everything was neatly made and successfully completed the Introduction to Performing Arts Communication subject.

Article by Rahmadika

Photo by Dianka