Bekasi – Class 23-3TP performed Sri Tanjung for The 24th Theatre Festival in The Amani Palladium Theatre, LSPR Transpark, Bekasi, on Thursday, 6 February 2020. The student’s production was guided by Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis. M.Si M.M, Intro to Performing Art Communication lecturer, and Ms. Geta Gwyneth Satrio, Assistant Lecturer.

Sindurejo Kingdom was ruled by King Sulakrama 

Sri Tanjung told a story about the Sindurejo Kingdom located in East Java. The kingdom was ruled by Sulakrama, a sly king who could do anything for his own sake. The story starts when the kingdom is infected by a strange disease. The king can’t remain silent, as he ordered his vice-regent, Sidapaksa, to go on a journey to find medicine for his people. As the king’s ordered, he goes on a journey with Danang looking for the cure. After a few days, they arrived at a forest and found a hunt. That place has plants for medicine. Before taking the plant, they met Sri Tanjung, the owner of the hunt. Sidapaksa was in awe of her beauty. After asking for permission to take the plant, Sidapaksa and Danang come back to the kingdom.

Sidapaksa to go on a journey to find medicine for his people, and met Sri Tanjung

Turns out, the medicine failed to cure the people. Sulakrama ordered Sidapaksa to come back to the forest to look for the plant once again. Sidapaksa then following his king order and going back to the forest, where he met again with Sri Tanjung. Sri Tanjung confesses that the medicine won’t work if she isn’t involved in the making of it. Sidapaksa begged Sri Tanjung to come with him to the castle to take medicine. Sri Tanjung agrees.

Sidapaksa begged Sri Tanjung to come with him to the castle to take medicine

Sidapaksa introduced Sri Tanjung to Sulakarma. Sulakarma was really fascinated by her beauty. So does Sidapaksa’s feeling towards her is getting stronger. He finally proposes to Sri Tanjung, who said yes. He asked for Sulakrama’s permission to marry Sri Tanjung. Sulakrama allowed it, even he’s jealous and has a plan to take Sri Tanjung from Sidapaksa.

Sulakarma was really fascinated by Sri Tanjung beauty

After getting married, Sulakrama ordered Sidapaksa to send a letter to the Swagaloka kingdom. It’s actually a trap that Sulakrama prepared to make Sidapaksa died. Luckily, when he arrived, the Goddess didn’t kill him. After Sidapaksa left, Sulakrama called Sri Tanjung and started flirting with her. He wants her to become his mistress. Sri Tanjung refused and fought back. When things got ugly, Sidapaksa arrived home safely and saw his wife is in Sulakrama’s arm. Sulakrama claimed that Sri Tanjung is the one who flirted with him.

Sri Tanjung took Sidapaksa’s knife and stabbed herself with it

Sidapaksa felt betrayed. Sri Tanjung was trying to explain the situation, but Sidapaksa is no longer trusting her. Desperate, Sri Tanjung told him if she died and her blood is red, that means she lied and cheating on him. But if her blood is water that has nice fragrant, she didn’t lie. She took Sidapaksa’s knife and stabbed herself with it. Turns out, her blood doesn’t have the color red, but instead, it’s water that has fragrant. Sidapaksa regrets he doesn’t trust Sri Tanjung. Sulakrama still insisted that she’s the one who started it. In the end, Sidapaksa killed Sulakrama, and he was pointed to be the new king of Sindurejo.

Article by Dianka

Photo by Putri Syifa