Bekasi – Class 23-7TP presented a theatre performance entitled “Weight” which is an original script from Georgia Ezperanza C. The performance was held on Thursday, January 30, 2020, at The Amani Palladium Theater, LSPR Transpark Juanda, Bekasi. This theatre performance was the result of guidance from Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis, M.Sc, M.M as lecturer of Introduction to Performing Arts Communication, and Ms. Geta Gwyneth Satrio as assistant lecturer for Introduction to Performing Arts Communication.

Sarah who was trapped in a dark room full anxieties, and sadness, all alone

The performance told the story of a girl named Sarah (Catherine Sandra) who was trapped in a dark room full of anxieties, and sadness, all alone. Until someone named Daniel (Brilliant Ibrahim) came into her life, saved her and gave her light. This tragic and complicated love story makes someone dive into an amazing experience, which contains a lot of emotion and stories about toxic relationships and how a lovely relationship can turn into a horrible cage that traps and imprisons your true self turning into a darker person that you would never expect to be.

Sarah and Daniel meet up at university

Many of us have had experience of being trapped in a toxic relationship whether it’s a family relationship, friendship, or love relationship which can turn from lovely into toxic. A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, and control. This production provided so many breathtaking events about toxic relationships combined with a musical that gave you the best experience of musical theatre.

Daniel situation being trapped in a toxic relationship

This performance was successfully held due to the hard work of Gian Afi Christianto, Production Manager, Georgia Ezperanza C., Director and Scriptwriter, M. Darrel Migafa, Assistant Director, Production Team, Stage & Set Design Team, Property Team, Make-up and Wardrobe Team, Lighting & Sound Designer, Front of House Team, Ticketing, Marketing & Publicity Team, and most the entire Main Cast and Supporting Cast of Weight.

Article by Putri Syifa

Photo by Marissa