On February 6th , 2018. The 9th LSPR PAC Festival,  was performed by PAC Class 19-2B with the title “WEREWOLF”. The genre is thriller. This theater told a story about friendship between eight people, two of them are women. M. Fajar Satriya as Ramon, Annisa Zakirah as Sherly, Febriyansyah Mikail as Troy, Tirza Zovianca as Tasya, Edwin Cuan as Evan, M. Khairul Rizky as Adam, Deni Febri as Jimmy , and Cedric louis as Doni.

They took selfie together

The story began, when Doni began rarely join his gang friends. Then they reported Doni was murdered by an anonymous with a black furry jacket. So, to commemorate the death of Doni, Ramon invites his gang friends to stay at his villa, they agreed, but Jimmy, Adam and Evan left the others for personal reason. Ramon tried to hold them back, but they kept going.

Werewolf wants to killed Jimmy

Everything’s about tribute was fine, until Evan found Jimmy, dead on the balcony. So, they instantly accuse Evan of killing Jimmy. But Adam found an SMS on Jimmy’s phone, containing an appointment between Troy and Jimmy that makes them join Troy.

Ramon tried to convince Sherly that he’s not a kller

Until finally one by one were found killed. Then only Ramon, Sherly (Ramon’s girlfriend), and Troy were left. Then one day, Troy starts being suspicious with Ramon, and Troy place his video recorder on the table in the living room. And then, he found it was Ramon, the one with the black fury jacket who killed their friends. (Citra/Fakhira)