On April 15, 2018, Autism Awareness Festival had a number of performances in Prof. Dr Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. The series of events was organized to show the children’s with special needs musical talent to the public audience.

Dr. Chrisdina Wempi gave opening speech for welcoming parents

Alvin was playing saxophone

Ms Chirsdina Wempi warmly welcomed all parents who came to support their children with special needs. Children showed how they are talented musicians and actors. They performed a different kind of arts, for instance, playing the piano, the drum and saxophone, etc. More so, kids were dancing in traditional and modern styles and were playing in the Orchestra group. The participants are people from different cultural regions such as SDN Tebet Timur 17 Pagi, Sekolah Spectrum, Yayasan Asih Budi, among others.  

A traditional dance “Sendratari Cublak – Cublak Suweng” by SDN Tebet Timur 17 Pagi

Fashion show by LSBA

And during the Fashion Show, children with special needs were proudly wearing batik clothes to represent the culture of Indonesia. (Anita)