ASEAN SPOT is a regular event held by ASEAN Public Relations Network (APRN).  The speakers, Elis Nurhayati (Director of Communications of WWF), Deka Kurniawan (Founder of Rumah Autis), Angkie Yudistia (Founder of Thisable Enterprise) and Jusuf Hamka (Founder of Warung  Halal Podjok Rice), shared their knowledge about being a reliable Public Relations professional. 

Opening Remarks from Ms. Candy Hernandez

ASEAN SPOT is a platform created to share knowledge and tips from successful people in Public Relations in order to create enthusiasm and open networking for LSPR students to become successful people in the field of Public Relations.

Presentation from Mr. Jusuf Hamka (Founder of Warung  Halal Podjok Rice)


Presentation from Mr. Deka Kurniawan (Founder of Rumah Autis)


Sharing Session and Presentation from Angkie Yudistia (Founder of Thisable Enterprise)

ASEAN SPOT is always enthusiastically attended by students both from Public Relations and other majors because Communication is a key element in the field of Public Relations and LSPR students’ success.(Namira, Cik)