The event opened with the singing of the ASEAN Mars and Indonesia Raya which was performed by one of the students club LSPR Jakarta, LSPR Choir. Then proceed with the foreword by Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA, MCIPR, APR as the Founder Director of the LSPR & Jakarta. She conveys her  gratitude to H. E Retno Marsudi who have been willing to attend and to all  LSPR staff who helped  organized this event as well.

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani honored to have H.E Retno Marsudi  in LSPR ASEAN Talks

Furthermore, the event continued with a speech by H. E Retno Marsudi about ASEAN. For her, the younger generation of Indonesia is the new generation of ASEAN. So, she also asked for volunteers from two students of LSPR Jakarta in order to expose and share their opinions about ASEAN.

H.E Retno Marsudi talked about Indonesia’s Diplomacy for Unity and Centrality of ASEAN

For H. E Retno Marsudi, during the 50 years the ASEAN stand, Indonesia already able to create ecosystem that is stable and prosperous. Happened next was how Indonesia is able to survive as an association that can provide benefits for ASEAN countries. Therefore, the contribution of Indonesia in ASEAN must be maintained in order to be more sturdy. (Cut/Stefanie)

H.E Retno Marsudi answered questions from LSPR Students