“Many have said that step proceed per step. But if on the scale of one to five, if his jihad can direct the fifth why not”, said Gandhi Alqorni, a 20-year-old influencers who recently decided to jihad. It was told in Assalamu’alaikum Ramadhan Vol. 3 held by LSPR FOMS (Federation Of Moslem Students) last Sunday, May 13, 2018 at the Nurul Amal Mosque, Aup Bar Street, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, with themes From Jahiliyyah to Jannah . The event was attended by Ustadz Salim Bahanan (haafidz qur’an), Ustadz Ibrohim Fadhlannulhaq (haafidz qur’an), Gandhi Alqorni (influencers) and Ustadz Kaseef Heer (da’i).

The comittee took photo together

The event started from 8 o’clock in the morning until the end. It begun with the registration for participants. Many of the participants were present from various institutions from Jakarta and who entered the event. After registration, followed by the opening of the event by MC: Iskandar and Agung Juna then handed over the time to the foreword represented by Mr. Dinar (Chairman Nurul Amal Mosque), Mr. Masfu’i, S.Ag (representative of the LSPR) and Rizki Ziyad (President club of the LSPR FOMS). After that, event opened with read surah Al Waqiah – hosted by Ustadz Ibrohim and Ustad Salim.

Talkshow with Gandhi, Ustadz Salim and Ustadz Ibrohim

At 10 o’clock, the event continued with a talkshow with Gandhi, Ustadz Salim and Ustadz Ibrohim who speaks of Jihad according to the theme of the event on this day. Then proceed with the tausiyah performed by Ustadz Kaseef Heer, participants enthusiastically listening to the tausiyah. The surrender of plaque as a sign of proof thanks to the Interviewees who have participated, as well as to the Chairman of the Nurul Amal Mosque, continued with the closure of the event by the MC became a sign of the end of the event on this day. The event ends with a closing praying of  Dzuhur Prayer together. (Cik)