London School Center for Autism Awareness in collaboration with the London School of Public Relations and Green Pramuka Square held the 11th Autism Awareness festival with the theme of Panggung Kreativitas Anak. This event was held on the 5th of May 2019 in Green Pramuka Square from 10am to 1pm. In this festival, children from LSCAA displayed many of their abilities such as singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, reading poetry, and reading holy Quran.

Five Band

Next Journey Band, Le Lumiere, and Five Band entertained and performed for the audience singing the songs Semakin, Kenangan Terindah, and Tanah Air.

Vocal Solo Performance


Drum Solo Performance

The drum solo performances were by Rifa, Veda, Radian Hugo, Teuku Mirza, Nauval, and Alvin Kenneth. Apart from the drum solos, there were also vocal solos by Vilandri, Ervita, and Keisha Ameera.  Faiza, Rivan and Nathaniel performed solo on piano and keyboard.

Poetry by Adam

Adam read poetry entitled “Tuhan Tak Pernah Salah” and Selvi “Mama Papa”.

Traditional Costume from Jakarta


Fashion Show


Traditional Costume from Batak and Java

There was also a fashion show competition with models wearing traditional costumes from Indonesia including typical clothing from Bali, Java, Batak, Kalimantan, Betawi, and many more. There was a performance from SD Sinth Yoseph dancing with Yamko Rambe Yamko and Cheerful And Happy Kids dancing Ondel-Ondel.

Fashion Show Judged by Mr. Joshua, Mr. Michael Cobis, and Ms. Alisha from LSPR


The first winner of the fashion show competition, Ervita.

The winner of the fashion show competition was Ervita Dewi Puspita Sari as the first winner, second place winner Reza Alif Drivano, and 3rd place winner Annisa Primaningtyas. (Cik)