On Saturday, 23 March 2019, the London School of Autism Awareness held AUTISMTALK with the theme ” A Neuroscience Approach to Autism” at the Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, The London School of Public Relations Jakarta from 09.30 am to 12.00 pm. 

Opening speech from Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR

The  four Speakers at the seminar were Madam Dang Koe, an ASEAN Prize winner and also the former chairperson of the ASEAN Autism Network, Dr. Roy Armandiyanto a children’s neurologist, Dr. Tri Gunadi Founder of YAMET Clinic, and Mrs. Aty Rachmawati, a parent with a special needs child. It also featured Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, Founder and Director of The London School of Public Relations Jakarta as the keynote speaker and Ms. Grace H. Wattimena as the moderator.

Roy Armandiyanto explained about autism signs

The seminar started with opening remarks from Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR. In her speech, she shared with the audience her spirit in socializing and creating understanding about autism related issues to the public. Later on, the seminar continued with a presentation from Madam Dang Koe, who detailed her experiences in starting the autism support community in the Philippines and how winning the ASEAN Prize impacted her journey as an advocate on autism issues. Dr. Roy Armandiyanto then delivered his presentation on the signs of autism that parents should be aware of and the kinds of therapies available for handling the issues.

Dr. Tri Gunadi talked about autism from psycholgy perspective

Dr. Tri Gunadi then focused on how to handle special needs children with autism from a psychologist’s point of view, also he shared some tips on how to handle the emotional growth of children with special needs. The final presentation, delivered by Mrs. Aty Rachmawati, was about her journey as a parent of a child with special needs. She shared her struggles and also methods on how to raise children with special needs successfully. 

Madam Dang Koe presented autism support centre

The event continued with a question and answer session allowing the audience to ask for advice from the speakers and closed with a placard and flower bouquet presented to the speakers and photo session.(Natasha,James)