On 7-8 April 2018, London School Center for Autism Awareness (LSCAA) held Autism Awareness Festival’s (AAF) initiative ‘Understand. Accept. Love’. AAF was organized to support the ‘World Autism Day’ on 2 April every year.

Dr. Chrisdina Wempi – head of LSBA greeting the participant before the seminar started

AAF consisted of the series of events and one of them was the ‘Creativity in preparing teenagers with special needs’ seminar. The event was held on April 7, 2018, in Prof. Dr Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall.

Mrs Dang Uy Koe shared her experience nurturing her special needs son

Parents and educators of the children with special needs attended all seminars. The head of the LSCAA and the LSBA, Chrisdina Wempi, shared her experience about how to educate and prepare teenagers with special needs for work. The most important addressed message was to teach children with special needs to be proud of themselves.

A plaque of appreciation for Mr Science Servo Caesar Prayoga

Mrs Dang Uy Koe, a Chair Emeritus of The Autism Society of Phillippines and Current Chairperson of ASEAN Autism Network, was a special guest on this event. She told her own experience that had happened in her family. Therefore, she made social movements to make the public be more concerned with these problems.

Ms Penny Handayani sharing to the parents & teachers about preparing children with special need with professional skill to survive in the world industry

The team of experts such as Mr Science Servo Caesar Prayoga, a content creator, Mrs Penny Handayani, M.P.Si., a psychologist, and Mrs Zsa Zsa Quamilla Yusharyahya, M.B.A helped parents and educators to understand how to improve the education of teenagers with special needs. They hoped that parents and educators would encourage children with special needs to be more creative and, therefore, successful in this life. (Anita)