Prof. Alo Liliweri presented the book “Paradigma Penelitian Ilmu Sosial” on Friday, January 18, 2019, at Prof. Margono Research Center LSPR-Jakarta.

Prof. Alo Liliweri explained about his book

The event gathered academics from LSPR-Jakarta and all enthusiasts interested in developing their knowledge in communication and research.

Prof. Alo Liliweri is a well-known author of books in sociology communication in Indonesia. Having published dozens of books since 1991, the “Paradigma Penelitian Ilmu Sosial” is a scientific writing guide either for beginners and/or professionals. The book covers topics on empirical thinking and types of research paradigms in social science. The author’s target is to help undergraduate and graduate students to understand various differences in the set of conceptual thinking.

The participants are listening to the Prof. Alo explanation in Research Centre


Enthusiasm from participant

“This is an extraordinary book, very rarely I find book this thick written in the Indonesian language,” said Mr. Syafiq Basri from LSPR-Jakarta. The event was closed by giving a plaque of appreciation. (Nadira, Irfan)

Plaque for Prof. Ali Liliweri