LSPR Jakarta family held its first LSPR Transpark breaking fast together on May 23, 2019. The event opened with songs sung by staff who called themselves “The Dadakanz” and some acoustic songs, Assalamualaikum, Pagi Ramadan, Akhirnya and Dengan Menyebut Nama Allah, were also performed.

Appreciation to commemorate dr. Chandra Djatmika


Performance by The Dadakanz


Appreciation to commemorate Mrs. Retno Pratiwi

The event continued with remarks from Mr. Kemal and Mrs. Prita, who besides greeting the management and staff present also explained the plans and developments of LSPR. Appreciation was expressed by LSPR to two management team members who had passed away recently, Dr. Chandra Djatmika Sudarsana – Medical Doctor of LSPR and also Ms. Retno Pratiwi – Head of Library LSPR. After a video screening in memory of the deceased, the families were called on stage to accept an employee gratuity from LSPR.

Reading Holy Quran by LSPR Students


Tausiyah by Ustad Fahrizal




Eating takjil before dinner


After the ceremony  finished, the program continued with Tauziah from Mr. Fahrizal until the Maghrib prayer call reverberated. After enjoying tajil, the Muslims who attended also performed together Maghrib prayers and the event closed with dinner. (Aprida)