Friday, October 21, 2017, ASEAN centre for Public Relations Studies hold CAPRS forum with the topic “Hand in Hand through Belt and Road Initiative” at the Research Centre Campus C, LSPR-Jakarta. This Forum invites Mr.Yohannes Don Bosco Doho, Mrs Yollanda Stellarosa and Mr Taufan Teguh Akbari as the speakers.

Mr. Taufan Teguh Akbari gave his experiences during trip to China

“The New Silk Road” is a type of development in the field of marine transformation for countries consisting of the archipelago for example Indonesia and China to apply it in the field of land through a fast train that will connect to some neighboring countries by building infrastructure, fixing the economy, agriculture and education then China will become more advanced.

Mr. Mou explained his appreciation for CAPRS Forum

China participates in building the world, it is appropriate for us to give support for China “Bring China To The World, Bring World To China”.There are many economic benefits both domestically and abroad, but perhaps the most obvious is that trade with new markets can go a long way to keep China’s national economy in place.
In the field of Chinese education is very rapidly growing, China has students from all over the world, “The level of study in China increased 40% compared to Indonesia only 20%” said Mrs. Yolanda, more than 80,000 scholarship of education in China. (Lyndi/Riqo)

Students of LSPR – Jakarta got a chance to ask questions