Jakarta –  The International Relations Festival was a talk show on the theme of Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Biodiversity and CHANGEVERSE (Change Universe). On Friday, 10 January 2020 Dr. Adam J. Fenton, the Professional Program Director and Post Program Lecturer in the LSPR Institute of Communication and Business, also Mr. Joe Hansen, the Founder & CEO of Jangjo Indonesia, one of the team representatives from Biodivers Warrior Plastic Wars were invited to the talks show as guest speakers.

Mr. Adam J. Fenton & Mr. Joe Hansen

International Relations LSPR Communication and Business Institute Students also conducted various campaigns on Climate Change to raise public awareness and concern about climate change today. The talk show was divided into two sessions and included a film screening of “Cowspiracy”. 

International Relations Campaigns

The event was opened by the MC, with opening remarks from Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Sc, Aisyah as Minister of International Relations. Then, there was a performance by LSPR Choir singing Indonesia Raya, LSPR Hymn, and Lean On. This was followed by a screening recap of Climate Change IR Talk show Campaign on Air Pollution. Nabila Paradissa H. was the moderator of the first session of the Talkshow. Mr. Adam J. Fenton shared solutions to distribute air. Mr. Joe Hansen from Jangjo Indonesia said that they had recycled 5 tons of waste, and mentioned that the landfill system in wiping out waste was ineffective.

Opening remarks from Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Sc

This year Jangjo is trying to recycle food, to make large megget (protein) for livestock. Mr. Adam J. Fenton also spoke on ocean pollution, water pollution, and air pollution, Mr. Adam also said that baby dolphins died because milk from mother dolphins was contaminated by microplastics.

Performance by LSPR Choir

Nisa Tajudin and Raka’s performed by singing two songs from Reza Artamevia, then there was a Q&A Session with the audience and speakers. At the end of the Q&A session Mr. Adam advised “if you do business, choose a topic, choose something extraordinary, and useful, make real changes such as climate change”.

Performance by Nisa Tajudin and Raka

The talk show also included game sessions, and door prizes. The first talk show session ended with the giving of a plaque of appreciation to the speakers, and a photo session with all the speakers. This was followed by the film screening, before the second session of the talk show began. One of the Biodivers Warrior Plastic Wars teams discussed Biodivers and utilization of plastic waste in the second session of the talk show. 

Article by Putri Syifa S

Photo by Putri Syifa S, Puella Maria D.