After months of dedication and hard work in completing the 19th LSPR Theatre Festival, an awarding and closing ceremony night was astoundingly held for students from Batch 20 on the last Friday, 4th August 2017 at Prof. Dr. Djayusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. The evening was filled and fully cherished by students of Batch 20 who had succeeded to complete the PAC (Performing Arts and Communication) subject on their 2nd Semester. The room was hyped with students’ whole-length enthusiast, preparing for the Awarding Announcements.

Led by Mr. Daniel Alexandro Simanjuntak and Ms. Amelia Wisda Sannie as the Master of Ceremonies, the evening commenced at 16.30 WIB. With an opening speech from Iman Ramadhan as the Head of the 19th Theatre Festival Awarding Night Committee, followed by Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA, MCIPR, APR as Founder & Director of LSPR Jakarta, audiences were given the opportunity to screen back through the history of the yearly LSPR Theatre Festival since 2005. As an opening performance, Julian Melchoir and Juanda Daly served audience a harmonised duet of an acoustic singing and beatbox instruments.

ontinued with performances from classes of Batch 18 & 19, both majoring in Performing Arts and Communication, Gerardo Tanor and Lisa Reidika had succeeded to present audience a beautiful traditional and contemporary duet. A short enactment of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from PAC Batch 18-2A, which show had profoundly amazed audiences on the last July, was too, enlivened the evening with an astounding performance of their several scenes. These refined performances entirely represent the significant growth of LSPR’s Performing Arts and Communication study, as a communication school.

The crowd heated as the Awarding Announcement session commenced. Students from Batch 20 were all excited, waiting for their own productions to be called out as winners. Divided into 9 categories, the list of the winners are as follows:

  • Most Liked Picture on Instagram: Goner (20-6A
  • Best Costume: Lock Down (20-16A)
  • Best Production Set Design: The Visit (20-14A)
  • Best Supporting Female: Maura Sesya (Practice to Deceive, 20-4A)
  • Best Supporting Male: Bartolomeus (Obsession, 20-1A)
  • Best Lead Female: Keisha Riswanto (Dark Road, 20-17A)
  • Best Lead Male: Yudhistira B. (Nawang Wulan, 20-5A)
  • Best Director: Kemal Krisna (Obsession, 20-1A)
  • 2nd Runner Up of Best Production: The Visit  (20-14A)
  • 1st Runner Up of Best Production: Obsession  (20-1A)
  • Best Production: Dark Road (20-17A)

The evening was closed by photo session of all winners and closing performance by Assistant Lecturers of PAC Subject of Batch 20 Semester 2. Congratulation for all the winners!