London School of Public Relations – Jakarta got the chance to be visited by one of the lecturers from Conventry University London. The Campus Visit Activity took place from 27 November to 2 December 2017. Dr. Ioannis Chapsos as a Research Fellow in Maritime Security, Center for Trust, Peace and Social Relations of Coventry University, London gave his presentation in PGP class and a seminar in the Auditorium.

Dr. Ioannis Chapsos gave presentation to the class

Dr. Ioannis Chapsos was the Director of the MA Course CTPS in the field of Maritime Security and a researcher who seeks to understand more the interrelationship and interconnection between conceptual approaches against maritime security, challenges and threats in the maritime region and he saw the ways in which maritime security can be enhanced through a particular focus on governance and capacity development.

Dr. Ioannis Chapsos did the teaching in ICBD class on the CMSD (Challenges to maritime sustainable Development) course. He raised the topic of non-state actors and international of security. Over the past few sessions, students of Post Graduate Programme were ask to listen to a presentation and write a paper about the discussed topic.

PGP Students asked a questions

In addition to teaching in the classroom, Dr. Ioannis Chapsos also gave a seminar with the theme “Maritime Challenges and Blue Economy Opportunities”. The seminar was conducted last Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall LSPR Jakarta attended by lecturers, students of the LSPR PGP and staff.

Dr. Ioannis Chapsos gave a seminar about “Maritime Challenges and Blue Economy Opportunities”

The opening speech of this seminar was delivered by Dr. Adam j. Fenton. He stated that LSPR and Coventry University collaborate to introduce maritime issues to the students, professors, and staffs LSPR. Because communication maritime is one of the new concentration on LSPR.

Dr. Rino F. Boer gave a plaque of appreciation to Dr. Ioannis Chapsos

Dr. Ioannis Chapsos stated that “Blue economy became the new direction for the development in Indonesia that prioritize the utilization of natural resources for economic growth, social welfare, health and the environment”. In addition, he also associates the Blue Economy with the vision of President Jokowi, “I believe that with hard work and cooperation, we will be able to protect the nation and all its citizens of Indonesia, to improve the well-being of the community, and to educate the nation. ” (Elizabeth/Anita/Megan/Fakhira/Citra/Dea/Cantika)