Bekasi – In completing the subject Communication Arts Showcase 2019, LSPR Students in Mass Communications, Digital Marketing & Communication Arts, and Performing Arts & Communication (PAC) majors organised CARTNAVAL 2019. The event was held at Grand Metropolitan Bekasi on last Saturday, August 3th 2019. This annual event succeeded to bring out ten art installations and various performances, with topics still related to Mass Communications subjects.

Visitors of booth “Benefit of Minimalism” by class MC 20-7B

Exhibitions start from “Retro Verse”, “Beyond Stellar”, “Persona”, “D’Dangdutz”, “90’s Box”, “Music Evolution”, “Magnificent of Wes Anderson”, “Sing it Back”, “Suatu Saat Nanti”, to “Benefit of Minimalism”. All were arranged beautifully to engage audience coming to the venue. All these installations convey messages. “90’s Box” (by class MC 20-6B), an exhibition using 180degree photograph themed 90’s mass media format was intended for a nostalgic ambience of 90’S TV.

“Back in the 90’s, TV’s went to colour stripes when they were off-air. Inspired by that, our installation is made to bring flashbacks for audience and to revisit the childhood memories from that age,” explained Alberto as 90’s Box Committee while presenting their installation. It then continued with snippets of 90’s epic show screening from TV show Doraemon opening to Bayblade.

Rizki Rahmadania and Joshua Renaldo as master of ceremony in Cartnaval 2019

“As we are from the Mass Communications major, we want to bring out all the lessons taken from previous semesters. We have learnt video making, and story-writing. Hence, we make this installation by projecting a video to communicate our message, the benefit of minimalism lifestyle,” said Marlinda Yusnia Jaya from MC 20-7B with the showcase “Benefit of Minimalism”. She added that an art installation should not merely be a good-looking spot, but also needs to contain greater meaning for audience.

“D’Dangdutz” booth which invites audience to karaoke Dangdut musics

This year’s art exhibition was indeed extraordinary. “D’Dangdutz” by MC 20-2B invites audience to karaoke and sings out the local Dangdut musics together. The students of Mass Communications succeeded to be creative in using various medium for communicating meaningful messages. Booth like “Persona” by MC 20-1B picked the theme self-love by creating an interactive photo booth.

Students from “Sing It Back” perform for audience in Cartnaval 2019

Not only art exhibition, Cartnaval 2019 also presented performances from PAC students. Dances and songs were performed beautifully to entertain the evening. These added with flash mobs and performances by students from Mass Communications, as their supporting promotion technique. (Nadira)