Bekasi – Dance On is an annual event which was held by LSPR Dance Club on September 14-15, 2019. The performance took place in LSPR Transpark Bekasi. As part of the Dance On saga, this particular performance had a different theme with the same concept; a combination of traditional and modern dance involving theatrical conflict among the dancers.

Two teams from Dance On! showcasing their move

Dance On 5 consisted of 45 dancers and crew working together to support the performance, which included a first audition with the club officers for participants who wanted to join. With the help of a professional choreographer, the show was a great success.

The dancers also faced challenges, “It was an honour to perform with people I admire, and this was the first time I had performed in a LSPR Dance’s production. There were a lot of challenges; I had to adapt to new dance genres, sacrifice my holiday, and prepare my costumes”, said Kezia, one of the performers in Dance On 5.

Team T’Killa performing their choreography

Elshadira A. Ridma, the producer of the show, shared the story of Evan, a 19 year old janitor who worked for the Dance On Company. He dreamed of being a dancer, but he had to bury his dreams due to economic issues.

However, he met Laras, the head of traditional dance who was looked down upon because she wasn’t popular among the other dancers. Laras, was a favorable person, who was very enthusiastic about traditional dance and convinced Evan to join her team and motivated him to be a professional dancer. He faced a lot of prejudices and a lot of pressure from many people once he joined Laras and her team, but he was victorious and proved himself.

Team Intertage showcasing their move

In the finale held on September 15, Dance On 5 peaked the audiences’ interest with an alluring performance and with the success of Dance On 5, the next LSPR Dance production is eagerly anticipated by dance enthusiasts in the future. (Dika/Puella)