On Thursday, August 3, became the closing of the PAC theater festival which lasted for 4-5 weeks, with a spectacular show from batch 19 called, Dance and Music concert. The theme of this show was also taken from 10 Attitude that  implanted by each individual student of LSPR which is called the 10 pilars of LSPR. These 10 pilars also include; Belive in God, Honesty, Respect, Dicipline, Responsibility, Politeness, Perseverance, Confidence, Independence and Excellence. Through the musical drama concept the introduction of the 10 pilars becomes more acceptable and the audience can be entertained with performances by cast members who master their roles.

The show started at 6:00 pm where the audience was already occupying the available seats and enthusiastically waiting for the appearance of their friends and family members who perform that night. The show blanketed with cheerful and amazing atmosphere from the the cast to sound and playlist songs that supported the situation and conditions.

The event ended with the last attitude of the last pilar, wich is Excellence, that  tells the ability of LSPR students in conquering and completing all challenges and jobs with good and perfect results. At the time of the curtain call, the auditorium atmosphere became crowded and festive, where the cast received a positive response and cheers by the audience. (Arman)