SAFEnet who collaborated with London School of Public Relations Jakarta held a Seminar of Digital Security & Coaching Clinic. The Seminar was held in February 21st 2018 at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta.

Talkshow moderated by SAFENet with Ryan Rahardjo (Google), Agung Yudha (Twitter), Indriyatno Bayumurti (ICT Watch)

Indriyatno Bayumurti from ICT Watch gave wise ways to use social media

SAFEnet is a network of online freedom of expression for Blogger, Activists, Journalist, Technologist, Lawyer and Internet Policy experts who are dedicated to promoting online freedom of expression in Southeast Asia that established since June 27th  2013. The roles and activities of SAFEnet are data collection cases of online freedom of expression such as Online Defamation, Hate Speech and Privacy, develop networking and information sharing with Bloggers and Activists online in Southeast Asia.

Ryan Rahardjo from Google talked about HOAX

Agung Yudha from Twitter gave information to using strong password

The seminar being held aims to remind and raise awareness of the danger of uploading sentences in Social Media if we are not wise in using it.  SAFEnet with Google Indonesia, Twitter Indonesia and ICT Watch provide information around HOAX, Ways to differentiated valid news or not, Differentiate artificial photos with the original, Ways to activate private mode in twitter, google, youtube etc.

Mr. Arif Susanto M.Si, asked a question

LSPR Jakarta gave a plaque of appreciation to SAFENet

SAFEnet has some wise ways to use Social Media such as Respecting the privacy of people especially oneself, Setting up privacy rules on Social Media, Do not leaves “traces” on public computers, Strong passwords and two ways of verying, Using legal software, Avoiding geo tagged, Fake website address and Use alternative applications such as Telegram/Signal, ToR, Proton Mail etc. (Anita/Fina)