On January 9, 2018, The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR-Jakarta) held a Training for Trainers LSPR event aimed to discuss about responsibility, agility and resiliency in facing disasters. Mr. Taufan opened this event by bringing the topic of disaster management socialization, especially in Jakarta.


Mr Basuki from BPBD explain about the disaster that may happened in Jakarta

Mr. Basuki from Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah (BPBD) continued his statement on disasters that might occur anywhere. Dissemination to the community about disasters is the most important thing needed to be reduced risks of losses and accidents. Furthermore, he explained the duties and functions of BPBD of coordination of rescuing teams and victims.

Mr Triindrawan from BPBD give simulation for earthquake and fire disaster

Mr Basuki himself stated that some areas in Jakarta have been sunken due to 360 mm/day. It definitely makes Jakarta vulnerable to floods. The condition of the land surface also continues to fall due to deep ground water.

Simulation how to protect ourselves from earthquake

BPBD has an effort to sensitize the community through the dissemination of what are a disaster and its risks in order to minimize them. The community must be considered as an object, not as an object. It is hoped that the community component can be recovered after a disaster very quickly.

Plaque of appreciation from LSPR to BPBD

Mr. Triindrawan from BPBD provided a simulation for the first action when the earthquake was either outside or inside the building. Mr. Triindrawan also informed that there were 4 main threats such as flood, fire, earthquake, extreme weather.

Group photo of trainers 

Article by : Irfan Husaini

Photo by : Athaya Mardiathillah & Nadira Arnindya