Last 4 and 5 December 2017, London School of  Public Relations held a choir concert entitled “Disney Choir” in collaborations with LSPR Dance and LSPR Band, composed by Giovanni Tomasowa. The concert was held from 07:00 PM until end at Prof.Dr.Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall Campus B LSPR Jakarta.

Opening “Disney Concert” with Hymne of LSPR – Jakarta

In Disney LSPR Choir concert, there’s two separate team; team A and team B. Team A sung songs like  Breaking free, you’ve got a friend in me and for the team B they sung  A Whole new world, colors of the world and you’ll be in my heart. Also collaboration between team A and team B,they sung the songs like; candle of the water and can you feel the lovetonight. For solo/duet/vocal group they sung beauty and the beast, go the distance, how far I’ll go, I see the light, I won’t say if I’m in love, let it go, love will find a way, reflection, so this is love – a dream is a wish your heart make (mash up) and we’re all in this together.

Candle on the water by LSPR CHOIR

Uniquely, “Disney Concert” not only followed by member of LSPR Choir.LSPR Choir gives the opportunity to alumni to actively enliven this event by singing some songs from Disney.

A romantic song of Beauty and the Beast sang by performers

The spirit of the audience enjoying the event, was strongly felt by the Committee. The tickets were sold out H-2 before the event begins. So when the event was held, there were no empty seats. (Fakhira/Elizabeth/Megan/Fina)