On November 17, 2018, LSPR Jakarta held an Awarding Night event at Prof. Dr.
Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. This award night is where 43 students achieved the highest scores for Strategic Issues Management and Social Media for Business courses. It was achieve by 38 students for Social Media for Business and 5 students from Strategic Issues Management.

17th November on Auditorium campus B

The event began with the performance of LSPR Band. After that followed with a speech by Dr. Rino F Boer and gave a little surprise to the parents. The students gave flowers and thanks to their parents and relatives who have supported students. In fact, only 85% of students pass in these two courses.

Awarding Night event

Followed by awarding plaques to outstanding students, starting with top three students in subject strategic issue management achieved by (1) Shun Fitriani Natalia, (2) Ohlala Ahrinawangi Prioko, (3) Adri Christiawan, and top three students in Social Media for Business achieved by (1) Metta Ratana, (1) Almira Nabila Desga, (1) Angela Caroline Chrisrianti, (1) Brigitta Novira Maharani, (1) Faiz Munif, (1) Felicia Hanslim, (2) Cecillia Satryo, (2) Aidha Savitri, (2) Hessy Lestari, (2) Sheila Mariah Nabila, (2) Steffy Andreani Kosim, (2) Tiffani Carissa, (2) Eva Silvani, (2) Fenni, (3) Henri Putra Jaya, (3) Cynthia Gabriella, (3) Charlene Mabelle Rheina Ulyanti, (3) Sallie Sugianto. (Najmi/Sabil)