Bali – 24 journalists from 13 mass media in Bali joined a Journalist Competency Test organized by LSPR-Bali and the ASEAN Public Relations Network (APRN) in collaboration with the LSPR Journalist Competency Examination Institution. This Journalist Competency Test activity aims to improve the quality of Indonesian journalists, one of the forms of commitment of LSPR’s support, together with the Press Council and the government, in creating journalists’ professional competence with integrity and benefits.

“This program is one of our forms of appreciation to journalists who have always supported us on our journey to expand to Bali since 2016,” said Prita Kemal Gani, Founder and Director of the LSPR College of Communication Studies. “And I hope this activity can improve the competence, journalistic performance and especially the integrity of Bali journalist friends,” she added.

Journalists Competency Test for young journalists with Mr. Tunggul Panindria as assessor

In the first batch of Bali Journalist Competency Test , this activity lasted for two days. On the first day (21/8) participants were given a briefing through a workshop around journalism with the resource person Mr. Ahmad Djauhar as Chairman of the Research, Data Collection & Ratification Commission – Press Council. Followed by technical guidance and ended with joint preparations for the second day, one of which was the division of groups.

It is hoped that this workshop material can provide refreshment to participants before attending this event.

Regional category participants on Journalist Competency Test with Mrs. Artini as assessor

“The reliability of a story is largely determined by the credibility of the journalist. For this reason, the Journalist Competency Test is felt to be a powerful weapon to legitimize and even boost the credibility of journalists “said Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Sc., Director of the LSPR Journalist Competency Examination Institution. “And the importance of certification related to what journalists do on a daily basis is already legal, other professions also exist such as doctors and pilots. It is also related that since 2014 all journalists are required to have certification “, he added.

The Journalist Competency Test process is adjusted to the level of level that participants participate, in starting from young journalists, intermediate journalists and key journalists. The test material consists of a journalist’s code of ethics, planning coverage, editorial meetings, interrogation interviews, networks, press conferences, and others.