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The Establishment of Faculty of Business

The establishment of Faculty of Business aims to meet the needs of labor and to anticipate the business opportunities at the national, regional and world levels. The Faculty of Business will be a place of learning for students and also a medium of dialogue about career development with industry, government, and other academic institutions throughout the world. In addition, LSPR Communication & Business Institute has strategic partnerships with leading universities and companies around the world which will support students to obtain a high quality of education Internationally.


”To be a role model of faculty of business in the development and application of business in Indonesia and recognized Internationally”.


1. Produces graduates who are competent, independent, innovative, creative and have special skills in business that are able to compete globally.
2. Conduct basic and applied research for the advancement of science, especially in business.
3. Contribute the expertise in the field of business for the benefit of community.
4. Improving academic quality based on National and International standards.


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The mentorship programme aims to provide a knowledge and experience for the Business Faculty students to be able to realize their business concepts and help to ensure their business development is linear from time to time. Several LSPR alumni who have been successful as entrepreneurs and experts from various national and global companies will share valuable insights about business in a mentorship program so that students of the Faculty of Business can seize the opportunities and make business decisions appropriately.

The Mentorship Program will collaborate with the Center for ASEAN Creative Studies (CACS), is an institution or unit of the LSPR Communication & Business Institute, which provides several programs for students designed to guide, develop and accelerate the success of business development, especially in the creative industry through a series of mentoring programs, and the capital that is followed by cross-sector partnership support.