PGP – Frequently Asked Question

London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR) Postgraduate Program is an academic institution established in 2003 by the Yayasan Pesona Pribadi Sejahtera, SK Mendikbud No. 24/D/O/1999. London School of Public Relations-Jakarta focuses on Communication Studies and has been accredited A by BAN PT (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi).
The name London School of Public Relations – Jakarta was created by its founder and has been registered in the Justice and Law Department for brand certification in 1994 and it is not a franchise brand from London (UK) instead 60% of curriculum that LSPR – Jakarta applies refers to the same curriculum applied in London (UK)

Here is the procedure:
1. Log in at and fill-in the online application form.
2. Download the application form you have filled and print it
3. Pay the registration fee of Rp. 500.000,- (non-refundable) to your BCA Virtual Account (this will be provided after your successful online registration)
4. Submit the following requirements:
– Online registration form letter
– Original proof of payment of registration fee
– 1 set of legally – certified transcripts and Diploma from last educational institution attended
– DIKTI certificate or “Equalization certificate” (for students who graduated S1 from a foreign country)
– 1 photocopy of KTP / Passport / KITAS
– 3 sets of photograph with business / formal attire
– CV / Resume
5. Request for a schedule of the Entry Test which comprises of the following:
– English Proficiency Test – Listening and Grammar Test
– General Knowledge Test
– Interview by the Program Director of Postgraduate Programme
6. Once the procedure is completed, an Acceptance Letter and Payment Procedure guideline will be sent through email 2 days after the test.

LSPR Postgraduate Program has four (4) concentrations:

1. Strategic Public Relations – divided into 2 sub-concentrations: Corporate Communication and Government Public Relation
2. Marketing Communication
3. International Communication for Business & Development
4. Social and Mass Media Management ( ONLY FOR ACCELERATION CLASS )

Strategic Public Relations is divided into two tailor-made sub-concentrations: Corporate Communication and Government Public Relations. In the first semester, all students taking this major study the same core subjects, while in the second and third semesters students begin to specialize by taking subjects which are more specific to their chosen area of expertise.

The Marketing Communication study concentration prepares students to excel in the promotional aspects of Marketing – enabling them to become leaders in a field which is becoming increasingly complex and competitive in the era of globalization. It provides students with a well-rounded curriculum to cover Marketing Communication Research, Customer Behavior, Market Analysis and Branding. Through this approach, students become successful in communicating the attributes of products, services, or ideas to targeted and segmented audiences.

This major combines knowledge and training in international communications studies, particularly as they relate to the areas of business and development. Subjects studied will focus on developing communication skills needed by graduates to function efficiently in dynamic international business contexts. It will also provide knowledge about regional and global issues relating to trade, security, geo-political power structures and development. An international collaboration with Coventry University focuses on Maritime issues of particular importance to Indonesia; the world’s largest archipelagic nation.

This major produces graduates who are ready and equipped to advance their careers in a range of dynamic career paths in the mass media industry. Both digital and traditional forms of mass media are covered in depth, developing an awareness of the media and its complex interactions with political, social and business processes. The use of advertising to inform and influence consumer choices is also covered in detail to create graduates who will excel in designing and implementing successful strategies for achieving the goals of their clients. Our graduates are ready to work in an internationally competitive context of global business, media and communications.

The languages used in Regular classes (weekdays) are 50% English and 50% Bahasa Indonesia while 100% English is used for the Executive classes (weekend).

LSPR Postgraduate Programme offers English remedial classes through its English Division. It will support our students to improve their English proficiency during their studies in LSPR.

• The program is offered on a semester basis – March to August and September to February.
• The program may be completed in three semesters or one and a half years. Each course runs for 16 sessions (2 ½ hours per session), including midterm and final examinations.
• A total credit of 44 units is required.
• We provide three examinations which are from The City & Guilds of London Institute, UK, Edith Cowan University-Australia (ECU), and Coventry University, UK.

Facilities in LSPR among others are: Auditorium & Performance Hall, Library, Student Lounge, Research Centre, a Computer Lab that can accommodate 20 students at a time, Radio station, Cafeteria, Thesis Defence room, and Activity room.

After graduating, our alumni will be assisted in looking for employment with the help of the Career Centre. The Career Centre can provide links for jobs from several companies that LSPR is in partnership with. Among them are Mitra Adi Perkasa, Tbk, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, MRA Media Group, United Tractors, and we are now in progress of creating partnerships with other companies. Should there be any job openings or vacancies in our partner companies, LSPR will be informed in advance.

• Regular class : Weekday Sessions 18.30 – 21.00 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
• Executive class : Weekend Session 10.00 – 18.30 (only Saturday)

LSPR Postgraduate Programme is located at: Intiland Tower – Annexe 9 floor Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.32, Jakarta Pusat 10220 Telp. (021) 5790-4365/66 / Fax. (021) 5790-4380

The students can choose by taking into consideration the following :
a) Respective majors taken in their Bachelor degree
b) Extended course concentration for further career development
c) To help pursue the student’s desired career path

LSPR is different from other universities because:
• Study process at LSPR
• It is a city based school. LSPR is located at the heart of the city and is accesible from any point in Jakarta.
• International Standard Quality Education. Our Indonesian lecturers have International Standards and our Native speakers that are experienced in Communication come from: Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Africa, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.
• Internationally recognized, LSPR-Jakarta works together with the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore, Institute of Public Relations Malaysia, Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia and Shanghai Public Relations Association in holding seminars, workshops and exchange programs.

For students who chose Marketing Communication as their major, they are required to take the International exam from The City & Guilds of London Institute, UK. For those who took Corporate Communication, International Relations Communication and Mass Media Management major, they are required to take the exam from Edith Cowan University-Australia (ECU). These exams will be taken in LSPR Postgraduate Programme Campus and are mandatory to finish the curriculum of the programme.

You may call us at 021-5790 4365/66 or at 0815-1109-8699. You may also send your inquiries to