Curriculum Evaluation Group Discussion Forum LSPR in 2018, has the theme “The Current Curriculum In Facing The Era Of Industry 4.0 In The Back Of the Wave Disruption for the Young Generation”. FGD itself was held on 7 – 8 March 2018 by inviting alumni and practitioners in the field of Marketing Communication, International Relations and Public Relations.

FGD with one of the practitioners in Marketing Communications

The main purpose of this FGD is to obtain input from various stakeholders, especially the actors of the world of business/industry. This is related to the development of the communications industry, the challenge of the current disrupsi, the proposed method of learning appropriate for millennial-era disrupstion, as well as the needs of the prospective graduates in communication skill LSPR so ready to use in 5 -10 years into the future.

Mr. Imanuel E. Hutagalung, M.Sc and Mr. Isdananto Oktianur, M.A listened opinions from alumni

Curriculum evaluation of FGD divided per majors/concentrations exist in the LSPR so that the discussion is more focused and effective. In addition, the FGD was also separately for practitioners and alumni.

FGD with alumni from the department of Marketing Communication

Interviewees from alumni needed to know the extent to which the science that they get in the lecture and can be applied in industry as well as knowing the input on how we can improve the quality of education for their younger classes. Meanwhile, resource practitioners (outside lecturer LSPR) needed to get the insight from user who employs a graduate of LSPR FGD results so that it is objective. (Anita)