On December 11, 2018, the Global Migration Film Festival (GMFF) event featured documentary films about immigrants at the LSPR-Jakarta, Campus B, Auditorium. The event was aimed to educate people about the question of immigration through films.

Speakers on GMFF


One of the displayed films was the ‘Unbroken Paradise’ which told the story of Syrian immigrants compelled to move to France. Furthermore, other movies such as “I Rohingya”, “Abu Adnan”, “Foreigners”, and “Delta’s Back to Shores”, and theater, for example, a story of Lutung Kasarung, showed the situation and horrible conditions of refugees.

Chandra Rodja, the Regional Migrant Care Coordinator at IOM

Chandra Rodja, the Regional Migrant Care Coordinator at IOM, said that IOM had succeeded in sending 285 immigrant children to get formal education. Among other invited participants, there were people from Afghanistan with the refugee status. They had a chance to share their stories at GMFF.

Ari S. Widodo as a
Executive Program Director at LSPR Jakarta

Ms. Barbari and her son Omid said the main reason for being refugees in Indonesia, that is, a number of terrorist attacks and conflicts. Therefore, it impacts life of many people.

One of the FIlm at GMFF ‘Abu Adnan’

GMFF is an attempt to help refugee people from different regions.

article by : Dalilah Adani

photo by : Haninadira Husaini