The lobby of LSPR-Transpark was filled with exhibitions and showcases of urban artworks. From collage to pop-art drawings, these are the cover samples of Provoke! Magazine from earlier editions to current ones. Good Day and Provoke! worked together with LSPR to hold Good Day Gaul Creation: Label Design Competition Goes to Campus on Monday, 22 April 2019 at LSPR-Transpark front lobby.

All young creative artists were invited to contribute in this competition, and the winners will have the opportunity of having their designs showcased on Good Day’s products’ bottle label. Mr. Andre Oktavianus, the head representative of Good Day stated that they selected the campus through its popularity of Visual Design studies. The competition was mandatory for LSPR students of DMCA as training to explore and challenge their visual creativity.

Good Day Gaul Creation goes to LSPR Transpark

The competition is in the form of colour drawing with the theme Indonesia Banyak Rasa. During the registration, guests and participants were given colouring paper. As participants proceeded around their artwork, the event was enlivened with a heartwarming live performance from Gabriel Mayo and friends, followed by Classmate Journal.

“This is a platform for Indonesian youth. To express what they think is their identity, as well as their own perspective,” stated Mr. Andre. He said that Indonesian’s youth has bright ideas, and from events as such, he believes creative youngsters can contribute their skill and creativity for the greater good. The theme Indonesia Banyak Rasa represents the richness of Indonesia’s culture, as well promotes tolerance.

Speech by Mr. Josef Radel Harlea Lopez, B.M

This event also invited pop artist Irfan Nugroho, known as ‘Bulet’, as speaker as well to collaborate with the label design competition in LSPR. After sharing sessions, the artist went on to express his creativity with colours on the canvas. He stated that to train is the most essential aspect, one drawing a day and references are okay.

Live Painted by Mr. Irfan Nugroho a.k.a Bulet

The jury of this competition was Marchella FP (visual artist, author of Generasi 90an), Darbotz (Graffiti Artist), Muchli Fachri (Artist), and Haikal (illustrator & animator). Winners of the colouring competition can win the prize of a total amount of 3,5 million from Good Day.

Lastly, after a question and answer session with MC and participants, the winners from LSPR students were announced for the Label Design Competitions:

1. Olivia Leriana (1st Place)
2. Lintar Larasati (2nd Place)
3. Bryan Ferguzon (3rd Place)

(Irfan, Nadira)