On 29 November 2019, The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR-Jakarta) held a Graduation Ceremony for all communication students at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom, Jakarta. In total, 955 students obtained bachelor and postgraduate degrees this year.

Senates of LSPR-Jakarta commencing the graduation ceremony

Divided into two sessions, the morning graduation session was dedicated to graduates from the departments of International Relations, Public Relations, and Marketing Communications, as well as LSBA students. The afternoon graduation session was held for graduates from the departments of Mass Communications, Performing Arts Communications, and Digital Media and Creative Advertising.

LSBA Graduates

The graduates and invited guests enthusiastically participated in several ceremony processions. The program began with the entrance of the LSPR-Jakarta Senate Council, as well with remarks from Dr. Andre Iksano M.Si regarding the graduation procession. Mr. Andre has explained that 91% of LSPR-Jakarta students were listed to graduate in 2018.

Ibu Prita Kemal Gani congratulates all the graduates

The event was followed by remarks from the Founder and Director of STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta, Ms. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, who suggested the graduates to continue to uphold the values of the LSPR-Jakarta on the 10 Pillars and are ready to become workers in 4.0 industry. Followed by a short speech from M. Samsuri Ph.D. regarding graduation advice and necessities after graduating, such as ethics in becoming a graduate.

José Manuel Velsaco Guadardo (Chief of Global Alliance PR & Communication Management) gave speech about working in the net era

The event was also filled with a valedictory from several LSPR-Jakarta alumni. Some of them are Ibnu Sulhan (Directorate of Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Ronald Stevens (Music Director of the Asian Games 2018), Cut Nuremelia (PGN Community Relations and Entrepreneurs), and Angkie Yudistia (Difablepreneur Entrepreneur).

Ibnu Sulhan & Ronald Stevens, alumni of LSPR-Jakarta gave valedictory to graduates of Class 2018

“LSPR produces competitive alumni and also has capital as a creative economic actor,” explained Cut in her speech. On the other hand, Ronald told the graduates that after this graduation day, they would face the challenges of real life. He shared to graduates the experience as Music Director and how to balance passion and study. Ronald considers that LSPR-Jakarta is his first platform in achieving his career.

Mr. Kemal Gani gave plaque to Angkie Yudistia and Cut Nuremelia as valedictorian and alumni of LSPR-Jakarta

“The concept of perfection is only a matter of perception and is never absolute. Likewise, with the science of communication, it is never absolute,” said Angkie Yudistia, LSPR-Jakarta alumni, in her speech on The Graduation Ceremony.

Almamater Pledge

Furthermore, several speakers also gave speeches for the graduates. Namely Justin Green, José Manuel Velsaco Guadardo (Chief of Global Alliance PR & Communication Management), and Djauhari Warapmangun (Indonesian Ambassador to China) as one of the graduate students from LSPR-Jakarta.

Mr. Rino F. Boer inaugurated the graduates of class 2018

The graduates

Inauguration of the graduates became the last part. The Best of the Best Student award was won by Clara Tirta Wijaya from Campus C, and Jeanny Khatwani from Campus B. The entire ceremony was also enlivened by music performance of LSPR Choir. (Kathryn/Irfan/Nadira/Athaya)