The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR) sent five delegates to attend the “Introduction to Grant Proposal Writing” and “Social Innovators & Social Enterprise: How to Develop Great Products, Services, and Team” workshops on Tuesday, 3 July 2018, at Estubizi Coworking Space. The lecture was given by Ms. Indah Nuritasari, the Programme Manager of one of the Non-Government Organizations in Philadelphia, and a Chief Editor of Indonesian Lantern. The five delegates are Ms. Emilya Setyaningtyas, Ms. Grace Wattimena, Ms. Ayu Sakina, Ms. Mulyasyah Putri and Ms. Kartini Dwi Sartika are on the delegation.

Mrs. Indah Nuritasari as speaker shared the topic

Those topics are very related to what LSPR has been doing since it has a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme in The London School for Centre Autism Awareness (LSCAA) and The London School Beyond Academy (LSBA) and Beyond Creativity. For this reason, it is very important for LSPR to learn and understand more about how to write grant proposals and how to develop products, services, and team.

Emilya Setyaningtyas as representative of LSPR sharing about Social movement that has in LSPR, such as LSCAA, LSBA, and Beyond Creativity

LSPR wants to make children with special needs, with autistic syndrome significantly, Asperger, etc., feel more useful and skillful. The children with special needs are indeed special. They tend to be more focused and disciplined than usual children. Beyond Creativity is a workshop and training center for children with special needs, where they learn how to print a t-shirt, goody bags, and produce the mug, pillow, etc. Then we that children with special needs can become entrepreneurs in the future as well.

Mulyasyah Putri and Emilya Setyaningtyas as representatives of LSPR sharing about LSBA, LSCAA and Beyond Creativity

During the first session, Ms. Indah explained about tips and trick in writing grant proposals. She stated that proposal had to be written in short and concise form with the precisely shown data. The proposal must be tailored to the Funder’s needs and demands. The presentation of the grant proposals is also a big deal and needs some concerns like making a narrative video, showing the data. It will help to attract the Funder’s attention and, therefore, to invest and donate to the social movement.

In the second session, Ms. Indah explained the development of products, team, and services. In this regard, the mission statement must be written. It usually consists of what is work about, how to work on it, and why it matters. The most key issue that demands extra attention is valued propositions.

Ms. Emilya and Ms. Mulyasyah Putri were also participating in the session by introducing the main job and function of LSPR, especially LSCAA, LSBA and Beyond Creativity. The main target was to involve donors and to get more support for the future development of children with special needs.