London School Radio is back for the New Year with its Kongkow Bareng Special at the cafetaria Campus B. The event was held on January 9,  2017 during lunch break.  The Special Guests invited to this event was a younger singer and a song writer named Rio Riezky.

The performances by Rio Riezky

Rio Riezky has just issued a single titled, “Kursi Sebelah”. The single was the second single after the “Sutradara”. In addition, there are also other singles such as “Kisah Tak Tentu Arah” and “Nyaman”.

Rio Riezky played TIKAT GUDAK (Tiga Kata Lagu Dadakan)

the message from the single is his own inspiration from his personal experience in life. In addition, it is Rio Riezky’s first album this year. (Irfan/Fakhira)