The Ministry of Finance of Republic Indonesia (Kemenkeu RI) invited students to contribute early to the country. The Indonesian Ministry of Finance educated and socialized about the State Debt Management through the Issuance of SUN (Government Bonds) with LSPR-Jakarta at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Building on Tuesday, March 19 2019.

Explanation about “Surat Utang Negara” from The Ministry of Finance of Republic Indonesia (Kemenkeu RI)

“LSPR-Jakarta is the first university the Ministry of Finance asked to hold this event, surpassing all the Economics faculties” said Mrs. Yuliana R. Prasetyawati the event organizer from LPPM-LSPR Jakarta.

Interactive games with audience

Following the sharing of issues regarding the country’s debt, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance discussed a solution to the country’s deficit through investment in SUN. This socialization was conducted by Mr. Herman Sary, Head of the International Financial Market Analysis Section of the SUN, and Bpk. Irfan who is also from the Ministry of Finance’s DJPPR.

The socialization and education is intended for students who want to start investing and saving income. SUN or SBN (Government Securities) are expected to be a financial solution that will favor citizens, instead of burden them. The event was attended by more than 180 participants at LSPR-Jakarta and was very interactive.

“As a public relations school, we can participate in the socializing process, making it viral, neutralizing the incorrect information related to the country; of state debt used for infrastructure,” explained Mrs. Yuliana. She added that students would be potential investors in SUN, being the future productive employees of the country.

The winners of Kahoot’s Game

Hanin Madbougie, one of the participants in the event said, “they seemed transparent with the data they provided; highlighting on the income and expenditure of our country, percentage of debt comparisons between years. Indonesia is still facing a deficit and how it is not the end of the world, unlike how the media sometimes makes it out to be”. She also said how this topic is not a daily digest for students majoring in communication, hence she was interested in knowing more about the country’s financial problems.

The event was continued with a question and answer session and was closed by giving prizes to the questioners from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and LSPR-Jakarta.(Nadira, Cik Ratu)