The Crowd sang along with Lalahuta

On Tuesday, 18 December 2018, The London School of Public Relations Radio (LSPR Radio) in collaboration with Lalahuta, a guest star, organized Konghow Bareng at LSPR cafeteria.

Beno Louloulia as Lalahuta Guitarist

The performance of Lalahuta who covered two songs opened the show. After Q&A session, Lalahuta sang two of their own songs such as “Tersenyum Kembali” and “Tak Pernah Salah”.

Lalahuta played on18 December 2018 at LSPR Cafetaria

Furthermore, LSPR students were given the opportunity to play games and communicate with Lalahuta members.

Boni Eko

The latest single of Lalatuha – “Tunggu Apa Lagi” – closed the event.

Allain Hizkia as Lalahuta Bassist

Article by : Najmi

Photo by : Salsabila