From April 23 to May 5, 2018, LSPR – Jakarta welcomed Dr Olivier Nyirubugara from the Hague University of Applied Science as an exchange lecturer in the field of Journalism, Media Theory & International Communication Management.

Dr Olivier see his old photos on the wall at Campus B

During the visit of Dr Oliver to LSPR – Jakarta, he brought new ideas for the university how to develop courses and academic programs similar to those at the Hague University. Dr Oliver is very skilful and experienced in his field, so at LSPR – Jakarta, he has been handling Writing & Reporting for Broadcast, Online PR, Media Studies, and Intercultural Communication for the Undergraduate Programme students.

Campus tour was held for Dr Olivier introduced the facilities, management and staff at research center

For Post Graduate Programme, Dr Oliver took over such courses as the “Social Media Management Tools in Relation to Social Networking” for Social Media for Business, and the “How to Use Social Media for Public Information Campaigns” for Strategic Issues Management classes.

Dr Olivier taught several courses at the class

Additionally, Dr Oliver provided Media Convergence Workshop & Seminar.  These activities were targeted to educate LSPR team from LSPR News, Radio, TV, Research Center, CRD, Lecturer & Staff departments. (Anita/Cut/Savira/Farah)