Dear LSPR Civitas Academica,

Following the Rector’s letter Ref.No.028-20/LSPR/ai/jmp/cb regarding Covid-19 Preventive Measure, based on the academic senate’s decision, we have decided that all academic and non-academic activities will be replaced with a temporary transition to online learning.

For the time being, classes will be carried out using the online method for the next 2 weeks (Session 1 and Session 2) from 18 March-31 March 2020. These online sessions will apply to all study programmes and academic activities at LSPR including LSPR Undergraduate Program (S1) and international Class; LSPR Postgraduate Program (S2); LSPR Bali; LSPR PJJ, and London School Beyond Academy. We hopethat the situation will improve, however, LSPR will continue to provide updates related to the situation.

We expect students to follow the prepared online sessions which have an equivalent learning outcome, learning quality and effectiveness. At the same time, all lecturers are also expected to maintain an academic atmosphere by proactively providing guidance, supervision and delivery of teaching materials.

Please find the online learning activities for you to carry out at LSPR online session, which include webinars (online seminar), streaming and social media interaction. The sessions related to this will be delivered by each related department. To continue a high quality standard academic, you are also able to access books through LSPR online library at

All services for students, such as library; Student Guidance Office; Students Services, will still be available via online in support of student learning.

We hope that this contributes to the many efforts being taken in Indonesia to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Please keep yourself updated by always following LSPR news via website, social media, LSPR radio, LSPR news online live streaming youtube, and Student Service hotline.
This is not an alarmist response but a prudent move implemented as soon as possible before we have any cases of Covid-19.

We hereby request everyone’s cooperation in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing public activities for the time being.

We hope that we will all be protected, remain in a healthy condition, and the Covid-19 virus outbreak will be resolved soon.

We pray that the situation will get better and LSPR will continue to provide updates related to this.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Janette Maria Pinariya, S.Si, MM

Vice Rector I
LSPR Communication & Business Institute
Sudirman Park Campus