On September 15, 2018, LSBA students performed the “Lima Sekawan” at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall, LSPR – Jakarta. This is the 4thtime the London School Beyond Academy (LSBA) organizing the performance event.

Dance by LSBA Students

The plot of the story tells how freshmen, Bintang, Bunga, and Gusti moved to Malang. This trip unites all five friends, including Iqbal and Lala. In this adventure, they work together on helping their schoolmate, Garin, to join them and become a friend again.

Lala tell her friends about technology

“The difficulties in communicating and expressing did not disrupt students’ enthusiasm to perform on the stage,” said Chrisdina, Head of LSBA and the story writer of the Drama.

‘The Champion’ gang

About 51 London School Beyond Academy students took part in the creation of this show. They have been trained for six weeks by Mikhael Y. Cobis, one of the LSPR lecturers. Besides acting, students learned how to read the script with intonation while dancing. (Irfan/Mike)