On January 26, 2019, The London School of Public Relations-Jakarta (LSPR-Jakarta) and its Public Speaking Club (PSC) held the “Londoners Internal Speaking Tournament (LIST) competition” at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & LSPR Jakarta Performance Hall.

Performance by LSPR Band

All participants, including LSPR-Jakarta students, pushed through the idea of the “Nurture Nature” to mobilize awareness of the importance of protecting the earth from global warming.

Aisyah as 3rd place winner of LIST and Indra Nugroho as one of the Judges

In total, 16 people attended the tournament. Among them, 10 people were selected for Q&A round and 5 people for the impromptu or final round. During the final round, participants gave answers for random prepared by the committee.


Vanka, 1st place winner of LIST and Mr. Mamby Aruan

Dylan, the President of the Last SPR PSC, has explained that the purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the environment as well as to introduce new speakers from the PSC to the audience. “I want to make a higher standard of communication skills for LSPR students,” he said.

Four winners received their awards:
– Aisyah Ramadanti Hemas (3rd place)
– Eugine David (2nd place)
– Vanka in the final round brings the topic “which is more important, Tree or People” (1st place)

Winner of LIST Tournament from LSPR-Jakarta

The “Most Improved Participant of List” award was received by Monica Putri.  Mr. Alexander Mamby, Mr. Jhon Nicholas and Mr. Nugroho Indra became judges in this competition.