Establishing the Role of CSO in Indonesia’s Internet Governance Issues*

Sherly Haristya & Hersinta
STIKOM The London School of Public Relations Jakarta, Indonesia &
in cooperation with ICTWatch, Indonesia and Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, Canada

In developing internet governance issues, the active role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) along with other stakeholder groups (government and private sector) are considered important, especially in human right and social equity issues in a developing country. But the usual criticism of CSOs participation in previous multilateral forums had always been a lack of proper coordination and the presence of too many, often dissonant voices (Kurbalija, 2010), which lead to a pressing issue for the CSOs to voice out their opinion in a broader forum that involved multi-stakeholder. This research is trying to explore the process of Indonesian CSOs in conducting a dialogue forum for developing a common understanding of their respective roles in internet governance issues. The use of qualitative method in the form of in-depth interview, focus group discussion with representatives from 14 CSOs who represented multi interests and areas involved with Internet governance issues, will be conducted along with participatory observation in their forum.


Kurbalija, J. (2010). An introduction to internet governance. (4th ed). Diplo Foundation.

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Key words: civil society organization, internet governance, multi stakeholder, Indonesia.

Paper type: research

*This paper was presented and published in Corporate Communication International (CCI) Conference at Baruch College, City University of New York, June 4-7, 2013