Dinamika Hubungan Ayah dan Anak Dalam Manga Lone Wolf and Cub

Christina Magdalena Haryono
Rudi Sukandar Ph.D
The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta

This research attempted to uncover the dynamics of interpersonal communication in a dysfunctional family as depicted by the main characters of the Japanese manga The Lone Wolf and Cub: OgamiItto and, his son, OgamiDaigoro.This manga was set in the historical era of the third Tokugawa shogunate centering on the feud between the house of Ogami and that of Yagyu as the antagonists. This research employed qualitative research method. The data were collected from graphics or images from 28 volumes of the manga, containing approximately 8,700 pages.

Data analyses show that despite their dysfunctionality, the interpersonal communication between father and son still follows the common trait of interpersonal communication in Japanese cultural framework bound by samurai ethics. Further analysis shows that the father-son relationships were forged with the emphasis on several aspects of interactionality: cooperation, discipline the father’s education and training, love, trust, learning from examples, sense of survival, and independence.