Last 3-6 June 2014, LSPR represented by Mr. Rino F. Boer following the Conference on Corporate Communication 2014 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
He is not only present as a participant, but also the opportunity to present a paper entitled “Information versus Relationship: Dominant Factor of Employee Engagement. The Uses of Exploratory Factor Analysis as Evidence in Indonesia “with 53 other speakers from 23 different countries. In addition there are about 10 main speakers who talked about different topics.
Noted there are 26 countries attending this event, not only academics but also practitioners attended the event held each year by the Corporate Communication International.
“This event is very fun to follow because we are talking about corporate communication from two different sides that is both practical and academics, in addition to add insight also add to the network of other countries with the same focus that corporate communication” said Mr. Rino.(AS)