The technological world has experienced a very rapid development that brings changes to the way people communicate in society. People previously communicated using letters, now by using the telephone, text messages and internet. The presence of the internet allows people to communicate with each other without being restricted by distance, place or time, so that many companies use the internet to spread messages and format reputations online. One of the ways applied by many companies such as online shops to achieve good reputations is to use fashion blogger. Therefore, not all fashion bloggers can build good reputations. Fashion blogger is a tool for the online shops to draw attention and make sensation, so that the credibility and attractiveness of fashion blogger become important because it will affect the reputations of online shop it represents. This research aims to know the impact of fashion blogger’s credibility and attractiveness on the online shop reputation named Cloth Inc. The major theories used in this research are source credibility and reputation management.  The questionnaires was spread using simple random sampling technique to 100 respondents obtained from the likers population on Facebook Fan Page of Cloth Inc. The research proves that there is an impact from fashion blogger’s credibility and attractiveness on the online shop reputation. The research also shows that fashion blogger’s attractiveness gives a greater contribution in forming the positive reputation of online shop Cloth Inc in the public mind.


Keywords: Credibility, attractiveness, fashion blogger, reputation, online shop, Facebook Fan Page