Every institution or organization needs a certain method of communication in order to maintain¬† a relationship with its every member. This research is aimed to study how the Indonesia Broadcasting Commission (KPI) implements its internal communication through public relations in order to improve the employees work quality. The theory used to support this research is the organizational communication theory. Through this theory, we can see the strategies of The Indonesia Broadcasting Commission (KPI) in implementing the communication between the top level management to it’s employees and also vice versa. In addition, this theory is also supported by The Information Convergence Theory by LittleJohn. This research concluded that in order to improve the employees work qualities, The Indonesia Broadcasting Commission (KPI) needs to provide a personal and motivational approach from the top level management to all the employees. This includes providing all kind of facilities that can improve work environment, such as company outbound, in order to minimize work stress.


Key Words : Implementations, Internal Communication, Public Relations