Ada Tours & Travel’s research discusses about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as the role of to improve corporate image of Umrah travel service towards to customers. In corporate services, the role of CRM is the most important thing that has to be preserved and implemented well in the company especially in industry of Umrah travel. The purpose of this research is to know the role of CRM to improve corporate image from Umrah travel, quality of services could be formed a credible corporate image and a good relationship between company and customers Ada Tours & Travel’s that could be make the loyal company from the customers point of view. Theories in this research are customer relationship management, public relations, corporate image, interpersonal communication & interpersonal relationship from Coleman & Hammen theory, services, and customers. This study uses descriptive qualitative method, the technique for gathering the primary data and the secondary data by doing observation, in-depth interview, literature study, and company profile. The analysis data uses SWOT analysis. Based on research can be concluded that the role of CRM in Ada Tours & Travel company is the most important thing that has to be preserved, implemented and ran well, otherwise it is balanced with good interpersonal relations between the company and customers, and the provision of services as much as possible and satisfying customers, then this role is to enhance the corporate image of Ada Tours & Travel with credible and loyal company from the customers point of view.


Keywords: Customer relationship management, corporate image, communication services, customer satisfaction