Aqua was founded and became a pioneer in the bottled drinking water (drinking water ) in Indonesia. On occasion in the 40th anniversary of this, AQUA launched two logos; 40th Years together with AQUA Dedicated for Indonesia, and the new logo Danone AQUA. Both new logo reflects the spirit of Danone AQUA to play a role in the development and the development of Indonesia.The purpose of this study was to measure whether there is influence Aqua logo rebranding the company’s image. The theory used in this study is the theory of the image, rebranding, logo, External Public Relations, promotion, dissemination campaigns, consumer, consumer behavior, consumer response process, and packaging. The method used is a quantitative method to study associative. Its population is University Islamic Negri Jakarta student, majoring in Islamic Broadcast Communications with a sample of 91 respondents. Using Semantic Differential scale, and processing the data with the correlation test, ANOVA, R Square, and the coefficient of normality. The results show that there is a significant effect between rebranding the new Aqua logo to the image of the company. Moreover, through this research it is also known that student have a very good assessment toward the rebranding and corporate image of Aqua corporate.