Nowadays, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer considered a voluntary activity. Some of the regulations related to CSR in Indonesia state that CSR has now become mandatory. Besides contributing to the environment and society, CSR has also become one of the communication tools used to support the company’s image. As a big company in Indonesia, PT. Djarum has run its CSR activities since many years ago. One of its attractive CSR programs is Djarum Beasiswa Plus. This research uses several theories such as the theory of CSR, image theory, empowerment theory, and other supporting theories with causal analysis method. The population in this research is 81 alumni of Beswan Djarum in the last 3 years and located in Greater Jakarta area. Related to the small population, this research requires total sampling technique for its sampling. The data analysis tools for this research is IBM SPSS Statistics 21. Based on the result obtained in this research, it can be concluded that there is a significant effect of CSR Djarum Beasiswa Plus program towards the image of PT. Djarum. CSR Djarum Beasiswa Plus program contributes 28,7% to the image of PT. Djarum, and the remaining 73,1% is constructed by other factors. Regardless of the type of commodities owned by the company, CSR has a significant role in supporting the positive image of the company. The implication of this research is to consider CSR as one of Public Relations tools that can not be underestimated because CSR not only can make a positive contribution to the environment and society, but also for the sustainability of the company.