Currently, the internet and mobile phone technology are more advanced, so social media is also growing rapidly. This is because almost everyone in Indonesia has its own media access to social media. Since the founding of Twitter as social media, Twitter becomes favorites. In Indonesia, Twitter is used as a tool for creating business and socializes, even for campaigning. One of them is Denny Santoso with his account @dennysantoso. His Twitter contains about the healthy lifestyle, diet in the right way so people can be healthier. Healthy lifestyle increasingly become a trend in almost all of the city and the region, coupled with the lack of technology and facilities to facilitate the people to access and find out what are the things that they should do. Then came the health websites which also use social media such as Twitter for their communication tools. The purpose of this study is to show how the campaign message through Twitter could affect the healthy lifestyle of @dennysantoso’s followers in accordance with the theory of the Stimulus-Response that take campaign message through Twitter as the stimulus and the healthy lifestyle of @dennysantoso’s followers as the response. The research method used is causality quantitative with 100 respondents from @dennysantoso’s followers. And the results of the study showed there was influence of 23.5%.

Keywords: Campaign message, Diet, Twitter Social Media, Healthy Lifestyle